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Invest in quality lead research to jumpstart your sales funnel. By partnering with a B2B researcher, you can generate a tailored list of leads that fit your ideal buyer persona.

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What We Do

Accurate Data For Powerful Campaigns


There is not just one database or source that compiles an exhaustive list of companies that perfectly match your specific ideal customer profile (ICP). iLeadsGlobal takes a targeted approach by utilizing multiple data sources to generate a list of companies that closely match your ICP. The data we collect is hyper-targeted to precisely match your target companies.


Once you have a list of potential companies that meet your criteria, the next step is to identify the key decision-makers. This can be based on your service offering or key trigger events. Identifying the right people to contact can help you get your foot in the door and start building a relationship with the company.


Once we have identified your ideal customer profile and the best process for collecting data, we use our in-house technology to source their real-time contact information.


Once we have collected your data points for both accounts and contacts, we quality check and double verify them against your specific criteria. As a result, we boast an average bounce rate of under 2.5%.

The Right Records For Your Campaign

Lead research is a process of identifying and collecting data points and forming an email leads database that can be used for sales campaigns. Our team provides qualitative online lead management services to boost your business and improve your company’s performance on the modern market. Lead research services allow business representatives to form their ideal customer profile and modify their marketing strategy.

iLeadsGlobal can help your business get targeted leads and increase the efficiency of your sales department. Our high-grade lead research provides the following benefits:

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always look for your ideal prospects manually, yet apply the most recent sales research tools to ensure excellent results. Such an approach helps us ensure excellent results for your business.

A lead researcher builds a lead list with a collection of names and contact information of potential clients and sales opportunities that sales representative (SDRs) use to reach out and convert into sales.

We source 100+ databases, LinkedIn, and good old-fashioned google search to find the right targeted prospects that meet your criteria.

All data is validated before delivering to ensure a 100% accuracy guarantee. If a prospect does not meet your criteria, we are happy to replace it.

Leads come with detailed info on your target companies, contacts, social media profiles, and contact information. You can add additional data elements as you see fit.

Absolutely. iLeadsGlobal will build you a sample customized to your needs and calibrate with your team prior to engaging. All free of charge.

We don’t contact the leads found but share them with you for further communication. If you want us to fully take care of your sales, you can look into the Sales Development Team service.

A human will always understand your needs better than some database. Your researcher is embedded into your team quickly adopting your culture just as any new employee would. By using a human researcher, you have the right to reject any prospect for any reason thus ensuring your lists meet your exact needs.

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